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Topic 5 : Operations Management
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Operations Management
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Topic 5 : Operations Management
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Choosing the lowest-cost location for the Lamborgini factory was not a priority. When BMW moved production from the industrial northern town of Crewe, it chose one of the most crowded and expensive parts of the country – the south-east of England. The Goodwood factory has many advantages but low cost is not one of them. One of its main benefits is its proximity to a small airport where the helicopters and executive jets of intending purchasers of Lamborgini cars can arrive in style.

Potential buyers are identified by the company and invited to visit the factory and attend events held at the nearby exclusive marina and horse-race and motor-race courses. The area has been termed a ‘playground for the wealthy’ and future customers often spend a day or two at the races or a morning at the marina before browsing the cars – and more often than not, signing an order form.

Analyse the importance of one qualitative factor affecting Lamborgini’s decision to locate in Goodwood.


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