Physics HL (FE2016)
Paper 1
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Physics HL (FE2016)
Available time 20 Minute(s)

A ball of mass m collides with a vertical wall with an initial horizontal speed u and rebounds with a horizontal speed v.


Two waves meet at a point in space. Which of the following properties always add together?


A radioactive isotope has an initial activity A0 and a half-life of 1 day.


Which quantity has the same units as those for energy stored per unit volume?

Paper 1
Available time 20 Minute(s)
01. Question
Level Hard
Maximum Mark 1
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A ball of mass m collides with a vertical wall with an initial horizontal speed u and rebounds with a horizontal speed v. The graph shows the variation of the speed of the ball with time.

What is the magnitude of the mean net force on the ball during the collision?